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The convenience and trust for your sustainable sportswear needs.

Let’s set new standards together.

One place dedicated to matching your values to people who support them.

Jaspur is where a sportswear marketplace, media and community come together to enable sustainable living.

Our mission: Create the best solution that allows people to stay active while consuming responsibly and helping restore balance to the planet.

All-in-one experience

Jaspur connects you with the commerce, content and community you need to make the decisions you want, every time.


Sustainable activewear and sportswear personalized to match with your values.

We vet all our partners before joining Jaspur using our completely transparent, sustainability scoring system made specifically for sportswear.

Jaspur connects your values with brands that practice those values. Providing the products and information you need to make the decisions you want, instantly.

Ready to purchase? Jaspur sends you directly to the brand’s website so you can buy straight through them.


Educational content that revolves around sustainability and your active lifestyle.

Learn the foundation of sustainability, circularity, how to be a better consumer, and how your lifestyle impacts the planet.

Get updates through News, Articles, and Videos from Jaspur and our media partners.

Start applying it to your lifestyle and watch the magic happen.


Connect with and grow your tribe. Interact with people and brands you already know, or meet new ones.

Go to live events that were created by you or someone else in the Jaspur community.

Join groups with other trail runners, snowboarders or whatever your choice of activity is.

Be part of something bigger, and get rewarded for being active.

Our "Why"

This is our personal and professional journey

Jaspur is a direct extension of who we are, naturally. Which is why we started this journey in the first place. Going through something like this is mentally, emotionally, and spiritually transforming. It’s brutal yet amazing. Just like life.

We are active and outdoor enthusiasts ourselves. Together, we are using our professional experience to drive change in an area we know how. Made up of a diverse team of experts in fashion and product design, sustainable fashion consumption, technology, branding, marketing, and finance.

To be part of the solution in restoring our planet

Everyone, everywhere needs to do their part to help clean up the mess we made. Because like it or not, this is the only planet we have.

By focusing on consumption, we can create a ripple effect that continues to grow, naturally overflowing into other aspects of our lives. What a powerful concept.

Think how positively different the world would be if we all had the convenience of being able to consume the way Mother Nature approved.

Bridge the natural and digital world

Jaspur represents a solution to the massive gap in the sportswear industry. A gap where people want to change. Want to lower their environmental impact but don’t have the trust, right information and convenience to take action.

We want to create the most simple, easy-to-use and convenient way that helps people take action. At least with your active lifestyle.

We want you, and everyone for that matter, to be able to enjoy doing the activities you all love without harming the planet.

Join Us

Jaspur is coming soon. But we need your help getting there

After all, we are just the tool. You are the voice.

If you connect with anything we are doing and want to be part of it, please support us.
Here are ways you can help.

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Requirements – Within specific timeframes, you will test, answer questions and provide feedback 3 times over the next 1-2 months. First test will be from 9/1-9/7.

Jaspur wouldn’t be what it is today without people testing and giving feedback. More details to follow after sign up. From our entire team, we thank you.


We are raising $200K so we can finish building Jaspur 1.0. To be part of our journey, contribute, or hear our story, please click below.

We humbly thank you for the consideration.

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